Protect The Polar Bear’s Arctic Home

One World One Ocean is proud to support an exciting new initiative from Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness and funds for our animals neighbors to the north —the polar bears.

  Arctic HomeThe project is called “Arctic Home” and it’s a bold new campaign that seeks to designate nearly 500,000 miles of summer sea ice as a sustainable and safe habitat for polar bears. Nearly two-thirds of this environment is ocean-based. 

One World One Ocean is supporting this initiative by providing footage from our upcoming IMAX® film To The Arctic 3D—a co-production from Warner Bros. Pictures, MacGillivray Freeman Films, and IMAX Corporation, and the first film presentation from One World One Ocean. Beginning Nov. 15, Arctic Home television commercials will feature sneak preview footage from the film, which is scheduled for release in IMAX® theatres in 2012.   

Arctic HomeCheck out the new Arctic Home TV commercial featuring footage from the film. Join us in protecting the polar bear by making a $1 dollar donation to the Arctic Home project.

Want to get involved in helping the polar bears? Make an online donation to the Arctic Home project.


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