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VIDEO - Sea Creature Fun Facts: Polar Bears, Polar Cubs, and Polar Bear Newborns!

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Polar Bear Facts

  • A polar bear’s fur appears white but it actually has no pigment. Their skin is black and their tongues are blue!
  • They live in 5 countries: Greenland, Norway, Canada, Russia, and the US.
  • They usually live by the coast on sea ice, but can also live over 100 miles offshore.
  • The polar bear’s scientific name is Ursus maritimus, meaning “sea bear,” because it lives on sea ice.
  • A newborn polar bear is about a foot long and weighs about two pounds.
  • Polar bears are born blind, toothless, and covered in hair that’s so short and fine the cub looks hairless.
  • A cub’s eyes first open when it’s about a month old and it learns to walk inside the mother’s den around two months.
  • Polar Bears eat ringed seals, bearded seals, walrus, reindeer, and even whales.


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