Field Reports

The Most Beautiful Sea Lions In the World

I have traveled to South Australia seven times during the last forty years and on only two of those occasions have I seen good conditions at Hopkins Islands. The last occasion was during production of Under the Sea 3D. The resulting images of Australian sea lions became the climax of our film. Today we got lucky once again. The sun was out, the wind was calm, the swell was down, and the sea lions were playful. Read More »

Dancing with Australia’s Great Whites

Our shark cage stops at 60 feet, about three feet from the bottom, holding four of us and our cameras. The water here at North Neptune Island is dark and cold. The bottom is covered with green sea grasses that are often disturbed by the wings of giant stingrays and delta-winged bat rays. Under normal circumstances I'd be fascinated by a stingray that was more than six feet in diameter, especially when they are followed by a school of silver jacks. But we are not here to see stingrays. We are here to see great white sharks. Read More »

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