Field Reports

The Race to Document Biodiversity

The most extraordinary aspect of biodiversity to me is the way in which every living thing on earth, everything that has ever lived on earth, is directly connected through time by an utterly unbroken sequence of reproductive events. Read More »

A Choreographic Feeding Frenzy

Whenever I see a reef with an enormous abundance of large predators, I always wonder, where does the food come from? Read More »

A Parade of Sharks, Dazzling Yet Diminished

Cocos Island is perhaps best known for an abundance of large marine animals, sharks in particular. Most iconic of these are the vast schools of scalloped hammerhead sharks, which can be found by the hundreds at various sites in the waters around the island... Read More »

A Visual Feast in the Undersea Twilight Zone

My colleagues and I have spent the past two decades traveling the tropical Pacific Ocean to document life that occurs below the realm of scuba divers, a coral-reef "Twilight zone"... Read More »

Submersibles, Camera, Action!

Richard Pyle embarks to Cocos Island to explore the deep reefs with One World One Ocean. Read More »

Polar Bears Are The New Canaries

In November, One World One Ocean traveled to Churchill, Canada—the “polar bear capital of the world”—to highlight the issues facing arctic ecosystems and the need to proactively manage the region's summer sea ice since it is expected to last the longest as global temperatures rise. The trip was organized by Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund, which together recently launched the “Arctic Home” campaign. Read More »

The Inside Scoop on the Inside Passage

We're sitting in a cove off Chatham Strait, a tributary of Alaska's inside passage, surrounded by steep hills covered in dark green conifers. The water is oily-calm, the gray sky hangs like the thick lid of a monumental ice chest high above. Brad, Rob, DJ, and the whole crew are intently scanning the water for a sign. Fred has his hydrophone over the side and we're all listening to a humpback vocalizer signal to his pack of hunters. An eerily musical call followed by three more, then silence. They're coming. Read More »

Portrait of a Polar Bear Family

From July 19 to August 9, 2010, our team traveled the seas around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, Norway, in a small ice-breaker, the Havsel, to film and observe polar bears for our 3D IMAX film To The Arctic. On this trip, we saw an amazing 132 bears! Read More »

Diving With The World’s Largest Cuttlefish

With wind waves crashing against the rocks, the water surged and heaved, making it impossible to hold a motion picture camera steady. The only good news was that the cuttlefish had arrived in number. On the roiled up ocean floor I could see numerous males fighting, courting females, and pairs of cuttlefish mating. Read More »

In the Company of Dragons

Michele and I swim through murky water toward tiny explosions of light firing from a flashing strobe. Douglas Seifert is obviously photographing something interesting; almost certainly a dragon. We approach slowly then settle on the bottom a few feet away and begin looking for the creature. I move next to Douglas only inches away and still I'm not seeing it. But then, after long moments, my eye finally differentiates golden blades of kelp from undulating appendages and the animal seems to materialize as if by magic. Read More »

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