Wax On: Stuff Cinematographers Do

Or, stuff cinematographers tell other people to do….


Courtesy of our friends at Surfline, we have this reminder that when the crazy worlds of Hollywood and big wave surfing collide, crazy things happen. Waterman Mark Healey took a break from surfing one of the best days at Mavericks last week to work on an upcoming movie on the life of late Maverick’s Surfer Jay Moriarty. The director, who has been going to great lengths to capture big wave surfing authentically, wanted a point-of-view shot of a wipeout, which requires footage from inside the wave, even though this meant sending two $80,000 RED camera over the falls. Healey was happy to oblige.

I wonder what the footage looked like…

Copyright 2012 Surfline/Wavetrak Inc. Photo: Rob Brown.


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