Lava Running Into Waves, In Photos

Sometimes I see something that is so cool it immediately makes me think of our mission here at One World One Ocean: to inspire people about the ocean so they protect it.

That’s our whole reason for being. And these photos triggered that thought as soon as I saw them. This inspires me about the ocean, and about the ocean’s interaction with the land, where we all live. This phenomena is literally what made the Hawaiian islands, where these shots were taken, and many other human-inhabitted places around the world. Land and sea are inextricably linked, and I can’t remember something doing a better job of graphically showing that (submissions, however, welcome! -- I will post the amazing ones on this blog).

Kudos to photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale, who got right in there, alongside danger, in order to capture a view many of us would never otherwise see.

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