Ocean’s Five: Arctic Memes

Ah the Arctic, that expansive, elusive, realm in an undefined part of our minds somewhere at the top of the world, with its increasingly ephemeral ice, and constantly inconstant weather. How do you describe, or communicate such a place? In photos? Video? Words? If so, what form – personal narrative? Novella? Perhaps the austerity of Haiku is fitting?

I offer the meme.

Memes became popular when online communities such as Reddit and 4chan took a singular (sometimes photoshopped) image and superimposed a funny caption with a universal truth. The word meme itself comes from the Greek word mimeme, “something imitated,” which is appropriate since memes often imitate social and cultural norms.

“Successful” memes spread online, through people sharing them with others, spreading them to those they are in contact with, instead of through paid promotions or other overt pushes, hence the virus metaphor. The most successful, or viral, memes are often puns or plays on words so clever or painfully true to the community that people absolutely must share it with everyone they know.

And so I bring you My Top Five Arctic memes:

1. Easily pleased seal

2. Dwight

3. Draw me like one of your French girls

4. This is an Outrage

5. Meanwhile in Antarctica


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