Oceana Ocean Heroes Contest Kicks Off Today

In 2009, Oceana created the Ocean Heroes Contest to recognize unknown individuals who make a profound impact in ocean conservation, and publicly display the many ways everyone can be an ocean hero. We think that’s a great idea, so we encourage you to participate in the Contest and help Oceana find its 2012 Ocean Heroes. Nominations are open from June 6 to 20, then Oceana’s Finalist Selection Committee will narrow the field to six adult and six junior (under 18) finalists.


So what kind of person ends up making the cut as a finalist?


Here’s a few noteworthy examples:

-Young Californian Wyatt Workman raised $4,000 for ocean conservation through the sale of a book, clay figures and claymation movie, titled “Save the Sea from the Trash Monster!”

-Maria Rita D’Orsogna, the “Erin Brockovich of Abruzzo” - kept the Italian coastal region of Abruzzo free from oil drilling thanks to her efforts to rally public support against drilling and influence the Italian government to deny at least a dozen drilling permits.

-Sara Bayles founded a blog, The Daily Ocean, which documents her experiment to see how much marine debris can be collected from her local Santa Monica beach in 365 non-consecutive days.

We can’t wait to read about the 2012 finalists when they’re announced on June 27!


For added inspiration, here’s our own Howard Hall, world class underwater cinematographer, talking about what he experiences at work.



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