Fishin’ for Fashion

We were treated to a fashion show in OWOO’s honor at The Factory in West Hollywood last Thursday, and what a show it was! Designer Aros Crystos unveiled his first collection, which he called, “eco-friendly vibratory frequency clothes”—they’re all recycled or repurposed garments.

He also grabbed the mic to speak about the importance of ocean conservation.

In his words, “Dolphin and whale pods are an example of a conscious community, living in creative cooperation, coordinated effort, non-competitive interaction, and transparent loving communication. Playfulness and joy abound. They are here to teach us pod consciousness!”

As this photo attests, Heart Hays is serious about ocean conservation. The singer from Austin, TX, is modeling Crystos’ designs on the red carpet.

Action! Aros Crystos with business partner Elizabeth England. From Aros Crystos’ website, “His unique energetic gift was enhanced by Dolphin energy, empowering his beautiful voice to generate vibrational sound energy and sonic code that propels the spirit toward awakening by activating DNA wormholes beyond time and space.”

So that’s how he found parking before me…

Crystos says dolphins have a message for us: where there is true love, shapes and forms disappear and left is only our smile.

Lissa Endriga, TV host, modeling Crystos’ designs on the red carpet.

Singer Yanna Fabian in Crystos.

Lissa Endriga struts on the runway.

Lissa Endriga and other models show off Crystos’ line.

Partying for a good cause, from left, OWOO Communications Coordinator Molly Malloy, Aros Crystos, MFF Communications Director Lori Rick, MFF Digital Director Marc Ostrick. “This is a whale shark,” was the quote of the night.

Lori Rick introduces One World One Ocean with Aros on the runway.

The headless model made an appearance.


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