Announcing Our 2012 Lineup of Original Video Series!

OWOO is excited to bring you a video sneak peek that showcases the orginial series we’ll be releasing throughout the year.  These video series will provide you with an unprecedented look into a wide range of ocean topics – news, expeditions, sustainable seafood, and more!


Together with Oscar-Nominated MacGillivray Freeman Films, we’ve been making IMAX movies for a long time, but short, share-able, inspiring, and educational videos are a critical piece to media campaign with a mission like ours, which is why we brought on a team of digital media specialists to do just that. Our videos will have the same creative vision and compelling message you count on in our films, and you’ll be able to view them anytime, on any device – as long as you’ve got a good internet connection!


Starting today you can watch the first full episodes of the following original series produced by our YouTube gurus:

Boat to Belly: A Sustainable Seafood Series—the first-ever series documenting the key players and process behind the growing sustainable seafood movement.
Artists & Oceans—a series showcasing the intersection of art, culture and the ocean through the eyes of today’s most talented artists.
Ocean Heroes—a series celebrating the people leading the movement to restore the oceans through their actions, big and small.
The Weekly Dive—an online ocean newscast targeted at young adults.
OWOO Field Reports—short pieces featuring the critical field work of scientists and filmmakers participating in OWOO ocean expeditions.


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“The ocean, our planet’s lifeline, is in trouble – plain and simple,” said Shaun MacGillivray, Managing Director of MacGillivray Freeman Films. “But we believe that through great storytelling in the form of films, photography and must-watch online programming like these series, we can create a wave of positive social impact with lasting effects.”

Read the full press release here.


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