10 Ways To Celebrate World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is coming June 8!

We look forward to our familiar rites of celebration all year. On New Year’s Eve we ring in the new. On our birthdays we blow out the candles. On St. Patrick’s Day there’s always a pint of Guinness. And on Thanksgiving we feast and appreciate what we have.

What do we do on World Oceans Day?

We’re happy to tell you the ways to celebrate are as abundant and diverse as the living things in the ocean. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Before you dive into our list, remember to send us photos of you and your friends celebrating World Oceans Day. Post on our Facebook page, share with us on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Use #knowtheocean to be part of the conversation. You can also email your photos to team@oneworldoneocean.org.

Now, without further ado,

10 ways to celebrate World Oceans Day

  1. Cook a sustainable seafood dinner. Better yet, have a sustainable seafood party.
  2. Write the ocean a thank you note explaining what you are grateful for. Share it.
  3. Go swimming in the ocean.
  4. Organize a beach or river cleanup.
  5. Pledge to avoid all plastics for the day.
  6. Watch a movie or show that celebrates the ocean: The Living Sea, Coral Reef Adventure, Dolphins, The End of the Line, The Cove, Blue Planet, Dolphin Tale, The Present, the list goes on…
  7. Visit an aquarium or marine park like these.
  8. Go tidepooling! If you’re in California, use the California Tidepools iPhone app to learn more about the organisms you see.
  9. Create a Pinterest board to teach your friends about ‘The Ocean We Want To Know’ and submit it to our Pinterest Contest
  10. Read an ocean story or book.

For kids:

The Adventures of Charlie Mac to the Arctic and Back
Magic School Bus: On The Ocean Floor
What If There Were No Sea Otters

For adults:

Sea Change
 The Wave
 Voyage of the Turtle
 Ocean Soul
 The Sea Around Us

Above all, enjoy the ocean, and Happy World Oceans Day!


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