The Water Column

The Weekly Dive Vol. 44

Deal to protect Antarctic seas fails; world's largest offshore wind farm begins producing electricity; and more ocean news. Read More »

The Red List: Shark

A rising demand for shark fin soup has led to a decimation of many shark populations around the world. Read More »

Ocean Fertilization Project Goes Rogue

A company’s effort to alter a marine ecosystem without scientific oversight. Read More »

What Do Oysters Have to do With Hurricane Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy. Lower Manhattan. Oysters. Another reminder everything is connected. Read More »

Happy Halloween!

As always we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves... Read More »

The Fallacy of Farmed Fish

Sometimes it's done right. Often it's not. Read More »

Getting Seafood Right: Nirvana Grille

Local Laguna Beach restaurant, Nirvana Grille, serves up delectable, sustainable seafood. Read More »

The Red List: Bluefin Tuna

This Critically Endangered species is being fished to death. Read More »

Getting Seafood Right: Slapfish

Slapfish, a Huntington Beach eatery, is delicious, fast, and sustainable. Read More »

NOC, the beluga who tried to talk

This is the first demonstration of spontaneous imitation of human speech by a beluga, an intriguing example of vocal learning. Read More »

Invasive species that are good to eat

In some cases, there is a practical and tasty solution for getting rid of harmful, non-native species: go fishing! Read More »

The Green List: Farmed Shellfish

These farmed mollusks all improve water conditions, and are very sustainable. Read More »

Sustainable Seafood: Why it’s Good For Your Health (infographic)

It turns out sustainable seafood is not only better for the ocean, it’s healthier for you, too. Read More »

How to Catch Fish and Save Fisheries

Insight for top environmental ministers meeting this week in India, on how to protect 10% of the world’s ocean: it's not too late. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 42

Ocean iron-fertilization experiment starts plankton bloom and causes concern; sea level rise faster in the Northeast US; and more ocean news Read More »

Paddy Glennon: A Champion for Sustainability

Chef Paddy Glennon is a 26 year restaurant veteran, and inspires others to think sustainably. Read More »

The Red List: Chilean Seabass

Once known to fishermen as Patagonian toothfish, because of its high value, Chilean seabass is now a common target for illegal fishermen. Read More »


You know who likes debate? Read More »

Are captive tuna farms a viable alternative to overfishing?

The first bluefin tuna bred and raised entirely in captivity may signal a new era in fish farming. Read More »

The Green List: Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

There are several great choices for salmon including Alaskan wild caught and specific farmed salmon. Read More »

Is it sustainable?

You've learned about the issues and want to do your part by making ocean-friendly seafood choices – but where to begin? Read More »

Getting Seafood Right: Passionfish

Responsible seafood done with know. Read More »

The Red List: Orange Roughy

Orange roughy (aka slimehead) can live over 100 years! But they're so slow to reproduce that they're very vulnerable to overfishing. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 41

10-fold increase in MPAs over last decade. Human causes behind most whale deaths in since 1970s. Weekly Dive video returns! Read More »

Seafood for Thought: Fish Need Homes Too

Cashes Ledge is one of the most pristine marine ecosystems on the East Coast. Here's why it's amazing and what you can do to protect it. Read More »

The Reel: The Last Ocean

You can't be a doctor of the ocean without knowing what a healthy patient looks like. Read More »

Cephalopod Awareness Days, Oct. 8-12

In celebration of those marine animals with many arms, big brains, and no spine Read More »

Is That Escolar in My Tuna Roll?

DNA studies show that mislabeling of seafood is prevalent. This is a problem for human health, the economy, and conservation. Read More »

Sam’s Tonga Journal, Part 3

The latest update from our intrepid AC on location in Tonga. Read More »

The Red List: Shark

A rising demand for shark fin soup has led to a decimation of many shark populations around the world. Read More »

10 Ways to Help Save the Ocean

Here are 10 easy things that you can do to help the ocean! Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 40

Leatherback designated California State Symbol, study says irreversible sea level rise will continue for millennia, and other ocean news Read More »

Getting Bluefin Tuna Off the Hook

Bluefin Tuna in the Gulf of Mex. often end up as byctach of swordfish boats. This NY Times blog shows better catch methods aim to fix that. Read More »

Lava Running Into Waves, In Photos

This is super cool. And hot. Which makes it cooler. Read More »

The Green List: Pacific White Seabass, Halibut, and Sardines

These fisheries are carefully managed, increasing their sustainability. Read More »

For Local Fisheries, a Line of Hope

Port Clyde Fresh Catch was the country’s first community-supported fishery, now part of a burgeoning movement. Read More »

The Green List: US Farmed fish

Tilapia, catfish, barramundi, striped bass and rainbow trout make the cut. Read More »

Know Your Seafood Infographic

We're highlighting the good seafood choices, and why we should make them. Read More »

The Red List: Imported Shrimp

Imported shrimp is often caught or farmed in ways that cause severe environmental damage. Luckily, there are sustainable alternatives. Read More »

OWOO Wins Best Digital Interactive Campaign at Blue Ocean Film Festival

Deepest thanks to the Blue Ocean Film Festival staff and advisory board for bestowing us with this honor. Read More »

Sam’s Tonga Journal, Part 2

Sam makes a rough crossing in rougher seas, moves tons of gear, earns a nickname, and gets pretty close to a few whales. Read More »

GO Fish!

We want to change the way people choose their seafood, and we're starting today. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 39

US considers protecting West Coast great whites. Debate over plan to use harmful sonar for seafloor mapping in an MPA. Read More »

Global fisheries are declining but can still recover, study says

The vast majority of the world’s fisheries are declining but could recover if properly managed, according to a recent study. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: How Marine Mammals Avoid the Bends

Marine mammals are well adapted to a deep-diving lifestyle, but they aren’t immune to decompression sickness. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Commerson’s Frogfish

A type of anglerfish, Commerson's frogfish are often seen sitting on sponges and can change their color and texture in order to camouflage. Read More »

Announcing the GO Fish! Video Contest!

Tell us how you’re supporting the sustainable seafood movement in a 1-minute video. Read More »

OWOO Wins Two Top Prizes at Giant Screen Awards!

OWOO’s first IMAX film presentation, "To The Arctic," was awarded Best Film (Short Subject) and Best Film for Lifelong Learning Read More »

Google launches Street View for the Ocean

Google Maps and The Catlin Seaview Survey deepen the virtual underwater experience. Read More »

Scourge of the Lionfish Part 4: How Did The Most Beautiful Reef Fish Become the Seas’ Worst Invader?

Carl Safina explores the causes and solutions for a Caribbean alien invasion. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 38

Amid 17-year high in US seafood catch, some fisheries still declared disasters. Arctic oil drilling plans postponed due to safety issues. Read More »

“Eat Local Fish Day” to Highlight Ocean’s Unsung Heroes

Food and agriculture writer Beth Hoffman on the local seafood movement. Read More »

The Reel: Mavericks From the Air

Let's enjoy big wave surfing at Maverick's from the air for a moment. Read More »

Sherman Visits Aquarius, parts 10-13

Our fearless hero meets Sylvia Earle at Her Deepness' office in the nation's capitol, and becomes an activist. Read More »

Scourge of the Lionfish Part 3: The Newest Fish in the Kitchen

Carl Safina dives into the Caribbean lionfish invasion and finds a delicious solution. Read More »

The Reel: Fathoms Deep

This mini-documentary from Oceana shows that the seafloor, commonly thought a barren mud bog, is anything but, in 11 captivating minutes. Read More »

Sam’s Tonga Journal

The young camera assistant talks camera gear and expectations in episode 1 of a series on his first major South Pacific IMAX shoot. Read More »

Sherman visits Aquarius, Part 7 - 9

Read More »

The 2012 Coastal CleanUp Wrap Up

Everyone from California to Greece celebrated the 2012 Coastal CleanUp! Read More »

Blue Zoo: Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe crabs are an ancient species. They are more closely related to arachnids, like spiders, than other true crabs. Read More »

Sherman visits Aquarius, Part 4 - 6

Jim Toomey's Sherman the Shark explores the complicated issues of funding for Aquarius Reef Base. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 37

Disaster declared for US Northeast groundfishing industry. Arctic ice melt beats 2007 record by 35%. Forage fish get nationwide protection. Read More »

Ocean Armor Reveals Vulnerability of Sea Life

Art exhibit shows that, though marine life has defenses against natural predators, it is helpless in the face of human threats. Read More »

The Plastics Breakdown: An Infographic

Worldwide plastic pollution in the ocean is hard to get a grip on. Here it is on one visually pleasing page. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Harnessing Wave Energy

The first commercial wave energy project in the US will test the use of vertical, piston-like buoys for generating renewable energy. Read More »

The Reel: Visualization of Ocean Trash

Trash as art: a depiction of how much trash goes into our ocean every 15 seconds at Museum Gestaltung in Zurich. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Sea Otter

Sea otters are a keystone species for kelp forests. They keep the kelp beds healthy by preying on sea urchins. Read More »

Sherman Visits Aquarius, Part 2 - 3

Jim Toomey's Sherman the Shark heads to Aquarius Reef Base in Florida, via Houston. Read More »

10 Easy Ways to Use Less Plastic

There's more to it than just reduce, reuse, recycle. It's also rethink, and refuse! Read More »

Anna and Marcus on the Plastics Problem

Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, founders of 5 Gyres, know a thing or two about how much plastic is in the ocean. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 36

Chinese airline no longer transports shark fins. Drilling for Arctic oil has begun. Study says Caribbean coral reefs have collapsed. Read More »

Sherman the Shark visits Aquarius Reef Base

Follow Jim Toomey's cartoon creation, Sherman the Shark, as he visits Aquarius Reef Base, Washington DC, and Sylvia Earle at Nat Geo HQ. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Bryozoans

You may not have noticed bryozoans before. They look like plants but are really tiny animals that live in colonies. Read More »

A Back To School Story

The creatures of the ocean have a little advice for our friends going back to school this week. Read More »

Join Us For A Trash-Collecting Party!

Join us for a beach cleanup in Laguna Beach on Saturday, September 15 from 9 to 11 am, in celebration of International Coastal Cleanup Day! Read More »

Scourge of the Lionfish, Part 2: Counterattack

Carl Safina dives into Florida's counter attack on an invasive species. Read More »

Oceans of Data: A Beautiful Thing

New data visualization tools paint vivid pictures of vast and complex information. Read More »

Remnants of Japan’s Tsunami Attract an Archaeological Interest

Coming across Japanese tsunami debris has an unexpected effect: personalizing a tragedy. Read More »

Coming to a Beach Near You: Less Trash

For 26 years the International Coastal Cleanup has been making an impact. Read More »

The Reel: First Day of School

Be a Nemo, not a Marlin. Read More »

Ocean Wins: Sustainable Olympics, Huge Marine Parks, and Rarest Whale on Film

In a sea of daunting ocean news, here's the good stuff, the reasons we keep at it, the ocean wins. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 35

Arctic sea ice at record low and shrinking. Cook Islands & New Caledonia protect large swaths of Pacific. Drought shrinks Gulf dead zone. Read More »

NOAA’s Largest Research Vessel: The Science

300 tons of scientific equipment, a dozen research groups and nine days: welcome to the Western Atlantic Climate Survey cruise. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Blue Whale

Blue whales are the biggest animals ever, but their dinner is not! They are filter feeders that prey on krill, tiny shrimp-like creatures. Read More »

How Storytelling Can Change the World

Shaun MacGillivray on the Power of Great Storytellling at TEDxChapmanU Read More »

NOAA’s Largest Research Vessel: The Crew

A look at the officers, crew, and scientists on board NOAA's largest research vessel. Read More »

Scourge of the Lionfish, Part I

Carl Safina dives into the Lion Fish invasion of Florida and the Caribbean. Read More »

Introducing the Ocean (Policy) Health Index

This “radical departure from traditional conservation approaches" will be an asset for ocean policy makers. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 34

UK cod and haddock consumption outstrips its own waters. US CO2 emissions fall to 20-year low. Sustainable seafood is healthier for people. Read More »

Wax On: Voyage Through Tahitian Crystal Cathedrals

Nothing to see here...except this lovely motion capture of surfing through clear water tubes in Tahiti Read More »

At Work on NOAA’s Largest Research Vessel

As a marine microbiologist, part of my job is to periodically go to sea on research cruises to collect samples and conduct experiments. Read More »

Deep Reef, High Impact: Accomplishments of Mission Aquarius

The importance of humans conducting ocean exploration has been propelled to the national stage. The future of the ocean is looking brighter. Read More »

One World, One Ocean, One Wish

There is a powerful parallel between sharks and cancer survivors: enduring and continuously moving forward. Read More »

The Shark Tale Files: The Old One

I had felt the shark, before I had been spun. I knew it was there. I had experienced something very rare. Would I do it again? Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 33

Arctic ice melt setting records. Ocean Health Index tool for marine management. N. American freshwater fish extinctions to double. Read More »

Keeping Sharks in Perspective

Media discusses the importance of sharks, but also promotes fear. The reality is driving to the beach puts you at greater risk. Read More »

Sharks, They’re Just Like Us!

From getting caught partying, to picking on their crush, it's like we're the same person. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Whale Shark

It is a shark (not a whale!) and it’s the largest fish in the world. Read More »

What’s behind the uptick in shark encounters?

More sharks, more people, or iPhone-armed masses better at capturing and spreading the news? Read More »

Howard Hall On What It’s Like to Film Great White Sharks

The underwater filmmaker discusses his experience filming great whites and other critters in South Australia. Read More »

Why are we so worried about sharks?

Hint: We’re not scared of them, we’re scared for them. Read More »

Great White Shark Swims Above Stingray, Cameraman

You think you're just filming some stingrays and fish, then out of the distance energes this... Read More »

Sharks off Cape Cod: Time to Move Past “Jaws” Toward a New View of the Oceans

I believe it is time for a new ethic — a new view of the sea and its inhabitants. Sharks are predators and must be respected. Read More »

Wax On: Heatwave Antidote

Here's what paddling out at your own, private, icy, cobble-stone point break looks like. Read More »

London Olympics Go Green with Sustainable Seafood

London, vying for title of "Sustainable Fish City," serves sustainable seafood at the 2012 Games Read More »

OWOO Attends Sustainability Conference at UCI

OWOO presented at the Empowering Sustainability on Earth seminar series, engaging an international group pursuing global sustainability Read More »

Ocean Fertilization Raises More Questions Than Answers

A new ocean study is being hailed as a possible solution for the carbon emissions of mankind, but it raises more questions than it answers. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Stony Corals

Together, a colony of coral polyps lays down layer upon layer of stony skeleton. Over thousands of years, they can create a whole reef. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 32

Olympics serve sustainable seafood; France pays fishermen to hunt sharks; Paul Watson to continue whale conservation on the run. Read More »

From 60 Feet Below the Waves to the Nation’s Capital

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinan says she secured commitment from head of NOAA to explore funding for Aquarius Reef Base Read More »

Ocean Wins: Whale Safety, a Shark Finning Ban, and Stealing Someone Else’s Lunch

In a sea of daunting ocean news, here's the good stuff, the reasons we keep at it, the ocean wins. Read More »

The Reel: Aquanaut Olympics

With the Olympics under way, the Aquanauts decided to hold some of their own events. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Sponges

The ancient animals of the Phylum Porifera are simple bundles of cells, but there’s more to them than it would seem. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 31

EU Commission proposes end to bottom trawling; whale meat illegally sold to tourists in Greenland; International Whaling Commission recap. Read More »

Arctic Row: Somewhere Off Canada, Watermaker Broken, Still Going

Collin West, in an update from the boat, talks about why they're undaunted. Read More »

In Depth: The Aquarius Helmet

The most cutting edge dive helmets on the planet. In fact, they'd probably work on another planet. Read More »

Jon Stewart’s Moment of Zen: Sylvia Earle at Aquarius

Jon Stewart. Ocean conservation. What do they have in common? Moments of Zen. Read More »

Mission Aquarius Crew: DJ Roller

Filming great whites in So. Africa, cave diving off the Yucatan, or shooting a U2 concert with 200K people in a stadium, DJ’s done it. Read More »

Aquarius Journal

Only about 1000 people have been inside Aquarius over the last 2 decades, and I was lucky enough to experience that on my 6th dive ever. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 30

Tuna set free, trash-cleaning marine drone, climate changing salmon, and state of emergency for world's coral reefs. Read More »

Zen In the Art of Fishing

A fish expert settles into his place on a river. The salmon pay little attention. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Saturation Diving

Aquarius dramatically extends dive time because it enables saturation diving -- no decompression til the mission is over. Read More »

Google+ Hangout at Aquarius

Hangout with Aquanauts Sylvia Earle, Mark Patterson and DJ Roller at Aquarius right now. Read More »

Google+ Hangout at Aquarius Reef Base Monday

Don’t miss this special Google+ Hangout event and tune in to this week’s live conversation Monday, July 16th at 1:00pm ET. Read More »

Mission Aquarius Crew: Mark Patterson

"I knew I wanted to be a biologist by the time I was 6," said the 20-year marine sciences professor. Read More »

Undersea Labs: 50 Years of Living Underwater

How underwater labs got where they are today, from Project Genesis in 1957 to the last remaining reef base, Aquarius. Read More »

Mission Aquarius Crew: Her Deepness, Sylvia Earle

Her list of accomplishments is deeper than the Mariana Trench. Read More »

Wax On: You Can Thank the Higgs Boson for Good Surf

The universe is ruled by simple, elegant, symmetrical laws, but everything interesting in it, like us, is a result of flaws in the symmetry Read More »

The School: Coral Reefs - Polyps in Peril

A fun cartoon with an important message, featuring Celine Cousteau and illustrations by Jim Toomey. Read More »

Ask An Aquanaut

Ever wondered what it's like to live 60 feet below the ocean’s surface? Read More »

Arctic Row: Into Thin Ice

In the words of legendary mountain climber Barry Blanchard, “It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun.” Read More »

Blue Zoo: Goliath Grouper

This critically endangered gentle giant is known for the loud booming sound it makes when it feels threatened. Read More »

The Reel: Radiohead’s Homeless Polar Bear in London

Greenpeace's new video, with music by Radiohead and narration by Jude Law, highlights something we can't ignore. Read More »

OWOO Reaches 2 Million YouTube Views

Plus a bonus top 10 list from Digital Director Marc Ostrick that goes to eleven. Read More »

Why Aquarius?

With all the ocean issues that deserve attention, why focus on a little-known research base that may be closed by Christmas? Read More »

Mission Aquarius: What to Expect

What to expect: the science and cinematography we will bring you from Aquarius. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 29

3D mapping of Arctic ice, blue whales threatened in Sri Lanka, leatherback turtles and climate change. Read More »

My Journey to America’s Inner Space Station: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Asteroid

Ask 10 people if they’ve heard of an inner space station where aquanauts live 60ft underwater and they'll look at you like your nuts. Read More »

The School: How Do Greenland Sharks Do That?

They're the slowest of the big fish, and they catch prey much, much faster than they are. Read More »

Watch our TEDx talk live today.

Shaun MacGillivray: why storytelling can change the world and save the ocean. Read More »

Wax On: Happy International Surfing Day!

If we can highlight them, we will have done something more than just going surfing. Read More »

Why There Are Any Leatherbacks Left at Matura

Through a turtle watching business, people see they have more value alive than dead. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 28

Controversial development cancelled near pristine Cabo Pulmo. Australia unveils plan to create the world’s largest network of MPAs. Read More »

Winners of the World Oceans Day Video Contest Announced!

We asked students 12-18 to create a video telling us what the ocean means to them. Here are the winners of that contest! Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: The Many Uses of Algin

It’s used in making many things -from pudding to paint, shampoo to sherbet- and it comes from seaweed! Read More »

Leatherbacks and Gill Nets Don’t Mix

While in Grand Riviere on Trinidad’s north coast, we got a call that a fisherman had some turtles tangled in a net. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Giant Squid

The giant squid is an animal about which there are many more legends than facts. Read More »

The Leatherback Turtles of Trinidad

Grand Riviere is so dense with nesting leatherbacks, they unearth each other's eggs. Read More »

Knocking on Heaven’s Shore; Bluefin Tuna Carrying Safe Fukushima Nuclear Radiation

The radiation is elevated but still miniscule. The mercury however... Read More »

The Ocean We Want To Know (video)

In honor of World Oceans Day, we have a surprise for you. Read More »

Wax On: Big + Best = Entertaining Surfing

You won't see wave riding like this very often Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 27

CA completes statewide network of MPAs. Honduran president burns illegal shark fins. US and EU pledge to improve fishing regulations. Read More »

World Oceans Day Playlist

Tuning you into World Oceans Day, literally. Read More »

Photo of the Week: Planet Ocean

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it is quite clearly Ocean. - Arthur C. Clarke Read More »

Oceana Ocean Heroes Contest Kicks Off Today

Since 2009 Oceana has searched for the unsung heroes of ocean conservation. Read More »

Announcing the Big CleanUP!

More plastic ends up in the ocean everyday. We're reaching out to the next generation to help deal with it. Read More »

Wax On: Don’t Have to Start Them Young

...but it doesn't hurt. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Garibaldi

The garibaldi is the California State Marine Fish. Male garibaldis aggressively guard their home territory. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 26

Fukushima radiation found in tuna. DNA study says marine reserves beneficial to fisheries. Peru dolphin deaths linked to sonar testing. Read More »

Ocean Wins: Surf, Plastic and Whales

In a sea of daunting ocean news, here's the good stuff, the reasons we keep at it, the ocean wins. Read More »

The School: Polar Bear Adaptations for Swimming

Polar bears are great swimmers, thanks to their hollow, water-repellant fur, buoyant fat layer, large paws, and tapered body shape. Read More »

10 Ways To Celebrate World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is coming June 8! What will you do to celebrate? Read More »

Laziest Polar Bear Featured on Today Show

Our lazy polar bear must be doing something right... Read More »

World Oceans Day Pinterest Contest

To kick off World Oceans Day, we're throwing a Pinterest Contest about "The Ocean We Want To Know!” Read More »

The Reel: Overfishing Like You’ve Never Seen It

An amazing visualization of overfishing. If you eat fish, you should see this. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 25

Genetically engineered salmon awaits approval. Paul Watson released on bail. Seagrass meadows important for carbon storage. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: From squid skin to smart clothing

In the field of biomimicry, research on how cephalopods change their skin color could eventually lead to color-changing clothing for people. Read More »

The Reel: Laziest Polar Bear Ever!

Just chillin. Read More »

Plastic Bag Ban Passes in LA

LA became the largest US city to pass such a ban today, in a 14-1 city council vote. Read More »

You Can Make a Difference Right, Now This Minute

Send an email right now voicing your support of a plastic bag ban being considered tomorrow. Read More »

Happy International Biodiversity Day!

"People protect what they love." -- Jacques Cousteau Read More »

Microbes that Like it Cold: Antarctic Critters and Extraterrestrials

Antarctica's Lake Vostok may provide a glimpse into the possibility of extraterrestrial life in Jupiter's moon, Europa. Read More »

The Reel: Bella and the Whales

A girl's story of an amazing encounter Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 24

Lobster poacher goes to jail; so does Paul Watson. Navy study says sonar harmful to whales. NOAA says US fish stocks improving. Read More »

Microbes that Like it Cold: Arctic Critters

Research on psychrophiles has been partly driven by comparisons to extraterrestrial systems. Read More »

The Reel: Ocean Heroes

Ocean activists on why they do what they do for the ocean. Read More »


A recap of the Mother Ocean Series, photos from our adventures and those of our Instagram community, in honor of Moms, on Mother's Day. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Australian Sea Lion

Some call the Australian sea lion “the most beautiful sea lion in the world.” They are one of the most endangered species of pinnipeds. Read More »

Wax On: Tuberiding on a River in Africa

Getting tubed, nowhere near the ocean, on a raging river, in the middle of the African continent. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 23

Iceland halts fin whaling. Orcas attack gray whale calf, humpbacks intervene. "The Cove" to establish dolphin park, still won't cease hunt. Read More »

Supermarkets Going BLUE

This year marked the first year that any supermarket has received a “good” rating on Greenpeace’s 2012 Seafood Retailer Scorecard. Read More »

To The Arctic Moves the Needle

So how do you know we’re getting somewhere? Here's how. Read More »

The School: Polar Bear Adaptations for Hunting

A sharp sense of smell and sharp teeth help polar bears to be master hunters in the icy Arctic. Read More »

Microbes That Like it Cold: Psychrophiles

Microorganisms that thrive where it's far too cold for humans. Read More »

Whale entangled in fishing line for weeks finally freed

A 40 foot gray whale that eluded rescuers in Orange County was finally freed by fishermen in Northern California Read More »

The Reel: Sea Lion Staring Contest

No words, no music, just pure, simple curiosity and joy. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 22

The Clean Water Act improved California water quality. Marine plastic pollution worse than previously thought. Mass pelican deaths in Peru. Read More »

Tanks for Everything

The Cook Islands is designing the world’s largest marine protected area, what could be an important refuge for corals. Read More »

Blue Zoo: King Eider

The King Eider sea duck lives along the coast in the Arctic. Sometimes 10,000 or more come together in a flock. Read More »

Campaign News: Florian Schulz Speaking Tour is a Hit

Wildlife photographer extraordinaire Florian Schulz takes the US by storm Read More »

Marine National Parks: A Closer Look

While 3% of US lands are Nat'l Parks, less than 1% of our oceans are marine parks. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 21

X Prize takes on ocean acidification. New research changes theory about polar bear lineage. Chile expands marine reserves. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Tsunamis and Plate Tectonics

Tsunamis are usually caused by underwater earthquakes, which happen at the borders of tectonic plates. Read More »

The School: Polar Bear Adaptations for Extreme Cold

Polar bears are supremely adapted to their extremely cold Arctic environment. Here are some of the ways they stay warm. Read More »

Critics Love To The Arctic

Read More »

Sushi Party Minus the Guilt Hangover

A sushi-loving chef finds redemption in a sustainable fish supplier. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 20

Seafood fraud widespread, says study. Zoos & aquariums seek to import and protect polar bears; hunters seek to import polar bear trophies. Read More »

Behind the Scenes with Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, in the recording studio, on why To The Arctic is a special film Read More »

Photographer Florian Schulz Kicks Off To The Arctic Book Tour

Photographer Florian Schulz celebrates Arctic wildlife in the official To The Arctic 3D companion book. Read More »

Gray whale rescue under way off Laguna Beach

For the third time in one month, a marine mammal rescue crew has been dispatched from Laguna Beach in order to disentangle a gray whale. Read More »

The School: Polar Bear Adaptations

Polar bears are thought to have arisen about 150,000 years ago, from Siberian and Alaskan grizzly bears. Read More »

A Jewel Among the Rubble of a Dead Coral City

Our reef dive looked like it was going to be wonderful, but as we descended a different picture emerged…this reef was not alive. Read More »

The Reel: Diving Under the Ice with the Greenland Shark

Underwater cinematographer Adam Ravetch on diving with the rare Greenland Shark. Read More »

Despite New Report, Polar Bears Are Still Threatened

Here are seven reasons the claims of a growing and healthy polar bear population are misleading. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Walrus

Walruses are social animals and can be found in large groups called haul outs. The largest males dominate in the hierarchy. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 19

Ocean planning would bring billions in benefits. Salmon fishing quotas raised in CA and OR. Polar bears show signs of skin disease. Read More »

Nat Geo’s Controversial New TV Show Wicked Tuna Debuts

Contrary to worst fears, the show’s first episode did not glorify the fishing. Read More »

Shaun MacGillivray in Outside Magazine

A $10 million documentary can change people in ways that a $300 million blockbuster can’t. That’s why I get out of bed every day. Read More »

Finding Gold Among Vinyl at Raratonga Records

“All out, sold out, all gone!” was the reply, “everybody bought one the day you did.” Meaning there was only one to begin with. Read More »

Carl Safina’s take on Whole Foods’ Ban of “Red” Labelled Seafood

A common question I got was, “Why would you work with them if they’re still going to sell “red”-rated fish?” Well, here’s why... Read More »

The Reel: Playing With Bubble Rings

Dolphins explore man-made bubble rings coming up from the sea floor. Read More »

The Micromanager

Being a micromanaging monster takes a lot of energy, and the brain of our stress tanks sucks down more power than I thought. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Bearded Seal

Bearded seals, named for their whiskers, are the Arctic's largest species of seal. Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 18

Low levels of radiation have spread from Fukushima to Southern California kelp, and other ocean news. Read More »

Coral Kindergarten

An exciting discovery on our first dive in Raratonga made us smile through our regulators, and double check what we were seeing. Read More »

We Won TreeHugger’s Best Ocean Conservation Campaign

The readers of TreeHugger have voted us the best ocean conservation campaign Read More »

Carl Safina: A Better Approach to Fishing

I wish I could witness a merger—good law and smart government, and even smarter local control with a very strong emphasis on conservation. Read More »

Whole Foods Stops Selling Red-Labeled Fish a Year Early

The chain has pledged to eliminate all red-listed options by Earth Day. Read More »

Microorganisms, Mega Power

As much as we care about animals we can see, the vast majority of organisms, and the ones that control the fate of our planet, are microbes. Read More »

Wax On: Swimming in a Healthy Ocean

The coolest thing in surfing this week is not surfing. Leave the board behind. Swim around and enjoy. Read More »

To The Arctic Caption Contest Winner Announced!

Congrats to Sue Davis, winner of our To The Arctic caption contest! Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 17

James Cameron visits the Abyss; new species of hammerhead shark found; Ancient Hawaiians had abundant fisheries, harsh enforcement. Read More »

Carl Safina: Conserving the Local Sea Turtles of Abreojos

Turtles are protected in Mexico, but they’re still poached for the black market. But for Javier, they’re worth really protecting. Read More »

Ocean Wins: Exploration and Humans Helping Whales

This time we're going for quality, not quantity. There are only two, but they're good ones. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Cameron’s Solo Dive to Challenger Deep

Cameron makes history with first solo trip to ocean's deepest point, raising interest in deep sea science once more. Read More »

Carl Safina, Punta Abreojos Day 1

Read More »

OWOO at the Genesis Awards

Guests were treated to dinner, cocktails, and after-party but for me the highlight was Uggie, the talented dog from the Artist. Read More »

Carl Safina, From Laguna San Ignacio

These interactions represent the relationship with animals and nature that I wish we could have everywhere, all the time. Read More »

Nobody Rushes the Concrete Artist of Ofu

Third, I will have a difficult time getting off Ofu... Read More »

The Weekly Dive Vol. 16

Climate change to cause $2 trillion in ocean damage by 2100; Titanic tourism; sustainable fishing in France Read More »

Celebrate World Water Day!

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." -- Sylvia Earle. Read More »

Photo of the Week: Spring Has Officially Sprung!

An underwater celebration of the season! Read More »

Wax On: Off the Map, But On The Spot

A true surf explorer shares his moment of discovery and joy. Read More »

Fishin’ for Fashion

A night of fashion, music and Aros Crystos' eco-friendly designs for the sea Read More »

Friendlies: the Gray Whales of San Ignacio Lagoon

Mutually desired interactions between whales and humans in Baja show the importance of conservation, for the whales' sake, and for ours.. Read More »

Why Coral?

Corals are dying off in large numbers around the world. Here's why we are working to save them. Read More »

We’re Nominated. Now Help Us Win!

We're up for TreeHugger's Best Ocean Campaign. Vote for us! Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Going Deep

Getting to the ocean's deepest point, Challenger Deep, 7mi below the surface Read More »

In Hot Water

Dr. Stephen Palumbi and team research the world's strongest corals Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 15

Kiribati becoming 1st climate casualty, whalers go home, black market fish trade Read More »

UK Climate Week Features Polar Bears

The Brits' biggest environmental event goes big, and features polar bears. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Greenland Shark

Second largest carnivorous shark is relatively unknown. Read More »

The Reel: Shark Tagging in the Bahamas

A U of Miami team tags sharks in the Berry Islands, Bahamas. Read More »

The School: A Pollock Dinner

The Arctic's pollock fishery is both ecologically and economically important. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 14

Ocean acidification rate at 300M year high; leatherback sea turtle risk zones. Read More »

Wax On:

Yep, that's ice. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Robofish

Can you spot the robotic research tool in the school? Read More »

Ocean Wins: Plastic Bags, Bottles and Shark Finning Banned

Here comes the good stuff. Yessss. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Beluga

This charming whale has annual social gatherings in the thousands. Read More »

Oregon Steps Up Marine Protections

New MPAs bring OR on level with other West Coast states on marine protections. Read More »

Winner of OWOO’s International Polar Bear Day Photo Caption Contest! (PHOTO)

Congratulations to the winner of OWOO's Polar Bear Day Photo Caption Contest! Read More »

The Reel: The Story of Sushi

Bamboo Sushi's awesome short film of miniture sets, 7 months in the making. Read More »

The School: Arctic Ocean Stays Lively in Winter

Surprisingly, plankton remain active even at freezing temperatures. Read More »

Photo of the Week: Happy Leap Year from OWOO!

OWOO shares a whale of a photo to say Happy Leap Year. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Tracking Polar Bears by Satellite

How do you put a collar on a bear? Read More »

Upping the Pressure for MPAs Down Under

Antarctic Ocean Alliance called for greater marine protections in the Antarctic. Read More »

Blue Zoo: Arctic Skua

The "Avian Pirate" of the arctic Read More »

What’s cute and fuzzy and white all over?

OWOO launches Arctic Education Campaign on International Polar Bear Day! Read More »

Ocean’s Five: Polar Bear Countries

Experts agree, these are the best places to see wild polar bears. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 13

Neurotoxins found in shark fin soup, and NY moves towards a ban. Read More »

Wax On: Abandon

This isn't a cartoon. Read More »

The School: Sea Ice Provides for Sea Life

Phytoplankton - the base of the marine food chain - depend on polar sea ice. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Remotely Operated Vehicles

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the ocean. Read More »

Photo of the Week: Gentle Giant

Our crew encountered a thriving ecosystem with sharks gliding around the Everes Read More »

Blue Zoo: Lionfish

This fish epitomizes the saying, “Look but don’t touch!” Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 12

Google river view, rescuing dolphins, fisheries monitoring 2.0, and... Read More »

Wax On: Stuff Cinematographers Do

When the crazy worlds of Hollywood and big wave surfing collide, this is what ha Read More »

Ocean’s Five: Arctic Memes

Read More »

Show Some Love for the Coral Sea

Join OWOO in helping protect the fragile reefs in the Coral Sea. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 11

Whale song differences, sound pollution causes whale stress, and more ocean news Read More »

Photo of the Week: Photo of the Year, Polar Bear

Our photo of the week is actually World Press Photo of the Year 2012. Read More »

Paper or…Oh Wait, Those are Banned Now

Laguna Beach, Dana Point first cities in Orange County to ban plastic bags. Read More »

The Reel: The Ultimate Shred Partner

Wakeboarder in Florida gets surprise when some finned friends get in on the fun Read More »

Playing “Tag” With Sharks

Check out cool photos of shark tagging and more from OWOO's Bahamas expedition. Read More »

Ocean STEMulation: Sea Sponge Fiber Optics

A sponge makes silica strands that are similar to optical fibers - but better. Read More »

Wax On: A Groundswell in British Columbia

A new film highlighting efforts to save a magical part of the Pacific northwest. Read More »

Upcycling is the New Recycling

Creatively recycled plastic is more than an attention getter, it's good business Read More »

Blue Zoo: Moray Eel

Though their reputation is creepy, count yourself lucky if you see one... Read More »

Ocean’s Five: Nudibranch Super Powers

Read More »

Tagging Sharks in the Bahamas with Summit Series, The Nature Conservancy and the Waitt Institute

OWOO teams up with Summit Series as the media partner of Expedition Tiger Shark. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 10

A super giant crustacean, new endangered species, and $3 billion sunken treasure Read More »

Down, Set, Hike!

Happy Friday, folks. May the best turtle, -- err, team -- win this weekend. Read More »

Wax On: A Buzzer Beater Like No Other, Brother

First, watching the world’s best and bravest, in big waves at Pipeline... Read More »

Announcing Our 2012 Lineup of Original Video Series!

OWOO's sneak peek of original video series we'll be rolling out throughout the year. Read More »

Fishing Rod, Camera, Action!

We were treated to a close view of two gray whales expelling their massive breaths of air in the afternoon sunlight Read More »

Bill and Ted’s Ocean Adventure

To say thanks to all of our great followers and fans, introducing OWOO's own Bill and Ted! Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 9

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive op ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff too! Read More »

Meryl Streep to Narrate To The Arctic 3D

We’re excited to announce that two-time Oscar winner Meryl Streep, known for her acting and activism, will narrate our film To The Arctic 3D, a presentation of One World One Ocean, premiering April 20, 2012! Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 8

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

MPAs: Why “Gary” Baldi is the New Smokey

Despite the new MPAs, we still have work to do. Two areas that need it most: citizen involvement and water quality. Read More »

Lobster Poachers Caught at Heisler Reserve

In a win for marine enforcement officials, two men were caught illegally taking lobster from Heisler Park Marine Reserve just after midnight Sunday in one of the largest cases of lobster poaching in recent years. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 7

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

Richard Pyle Blogs for OWOO on New York Times

Ichthyologist and OWOO science advisor Dr. Richard Pyle blogs on behalf of OWOO in a seven-part series for The New York Times highlighting his work on our recent Cocos Island expedition. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 6

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 5

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 4

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

OWOO Wins Best of Fest At My Hero Film Festival

Earlier this month, OWOO was honored to take home the“Best of Fest” award at the 2011 MY HERO International Film Festival, sponsored by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 3

Welcome to the latest edition of The Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. With that, dive in to this week's news! Read More »

What Lies Beneath in Cocos Island

In their first expedition from Cocos Island National Park, the OWOO crew recaps and provides some amazing photos of their adventures in the underwater world of this amazing ocean gem. Warning: jaw-dropping shark photos inside. Read More »

The Weekly Dive, Vol. 2

Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Dive, where we keep you updated on the top ocean news from around the world with some fun stuff mixed in as well. Dive in! Read More »

Join OWOO on a Journey to Cocos Island…

This week, the OWOO crew hopped a flight to Costa Rica where will will be reporting live from Cocos Island, one of few areas of the ocean that enjoys official protection given its incredible beauty and biodiversity (e.g., SHARKS). Not only will we be bringing you live expedition updates, including amazing photos and video, but we'll also be sharing ways in which you can help grow the movement to establish marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world, and in effect, help save the ocean. Read More »

A Whirlwind Week with Sylvia Earle

We’ve always wondered what it would be like to spend a week in the shoes of our hero and OWOO science adviser Dr. Sylvia Earle. We got our chance last week when we filmed the first-ever meeting of OceanElders in San Francisco, followed a few days later by an exclusive interview with “Her Deepness” at the America’s Cup in San Diego. Read More »

Introducing the First-Ever “Weekly Dive”

Today, we are excited to bring you the first installment of The Weekly Dive – your one-stop shop for the top ocean news (in our opinion) from the week. In addition to must-read ocean news, we’ll also be sharing one user-generated video a week as our way of celebrating all the great ocean content being captured by ocean enthusiasts around the world – people like YOU who are out there in the trenches. Read More »

Live from the White Carpet

Joining partners Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund at the California Science Center in Los Angeles, OWOO helped celebrate the launch of Arctic Home, a bold new effort to help protect polar bear habitats in the Arctic Circle. Read More »

There’s No Place Like Home – Even If You’re A Polar Bear

Starting next week, you are likely to see polar bears popping up everywhere—on TV, in movie theatres, at the grocery store, on your phone, on the web—all thanks to a new initiative launched this week by Coca-Cola and World Wildlife Fund in partnership with One World One Ocean and our upcoming IMAX film To The Arctic 3D--a co-production with Warner Bros. and IMAX Corporation scheduled for release in IMAX theatres in 2012. Read More »

A Perfect Place to Start—Your Own Backyard

The One World One Ocean team spent a lovely, foggy morning at Main Beach in Laguna Beach, joining forces with the Ocean Conservancy and the Boys & Girls Club to clean up our backyard. Watch our video to hear from our amazing kid volunteers about what they found and why protecting the beach is important to them! Read More »

Take a walk on the beach with OWOO on Saturday Oct. 16! (Disclaimer: Picking up trash is required)

Join One World One Ocean along with The Ocean Conservancy and the Boys & Girl Club on Saturday, October 16 for a beach clean-up in Laguna Beach. Event kicks off at 10 AM PST at Main Beach! Read More »

Why launch an ocean campaign?

As a filmmaker, I travel all over the world to shoot movies and I’ve been blown away by the beauty, power and importance of the natural world, especially the ocean — our lifeline. Read More »

Your Chance to Go On Location with One World One Ocean

Ever dream of going behind-the-scenes with an IMAX film crew? Maybe to an exotic location? How about on a boat?Well, One World One Ocean is making that dream a reality.This week, we’re thrilled to announce our Ocean Expedition Contest. Read More »

The new One World One Ocean website

We relaunched our website to provide you with great content that showcases the beauty and majesty of our oceans, and powerful new tools to help you get involved in saving our oceans, starting today. Read More »